RWJF Funding Opp'y: Leadership Programs to Build a Culture of Health

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has issued a Call for Proposals (CFP) for leadership centers to direct four new programs that will support and network together boundary-spanning leaders.  To address our nation’s health challenges, we need leaders who have skills to work effectively together across disciplines, professions, and sectors. This is more important than ever, as evidence reveals that many factors beyond health care—such as education, early childhood experiences, income, housing, and neighborhood conditions—influence health. Widespread disparities in these conditions leave some populations more vulnerable to poor health than others. 

The Foundation seeks to advance the skills and work of dynamic leaders who are dedicated to working across sectors and disciplines to build a nationwide Culture of Health that will enable all in America to lead healthier lives, now and for generations to come.  RWJF expressly seeks applicants from a broad array of fields: architecture, community development, design, public health, business, social work, health care, urban planning, transportation, pharmacy, etc.

The four new programs are:

RWJF Diversity in Health Policy Research - supporting a large cadre of doctoral students from diverse backgrounds whose research, connections, and leadership will contribute to a Culture of Health.

RWJF Interdisciplinary Research Leaders  - supporting a network of researchers whose leadership and community-relevant, policy-relevant, and action-oriented research will help drive social change that helps to build a Culture of Health.

RWJF Multisector Leaders for Health - developing, harnessing, and leveraging a diverse group of leaders representing key sectors (e.g., education, transportation, public health and policy, social work, business, community engagement, urban planning, and health care) who, as a result of this program, will take their leadership and influence to the next level to lead communities, organizations, and the nation toward a Culture of Health.

RWJF New Clinical Scholars – developing cohorts of networked clinicians who have attained a terminal clinical degree and who have the competencies and capabilities to lead transformative change that helps to build a Culture of Health in communities across the country.


  • Click here for more information on the programs and to download the CFP.  The application deadline is July 29, 2015.
  • Click here to access an extensive Q&A page about the programs and the application process. 


We’re excited about these new leadership opportunities and hope that they are of interest to you.  I’d be grateful if you would be willing to share this information with your colleagues and others in your networks who may be interested in working with us to build a Culture of Health.  If you have questions, please contact us at

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