IOM Report is out on Capturing Social and Behavioral Domains and Measures in EHRs

The IOM Report on Capturing Social and Behavioral Domains and Measures in Electronic Health Records is finally here! See IOM Report, or download specific sections of it at the National Academies Press

Summary table of core domains and measures--

Excerpt from introduction....

"The committee was charged with recommending what social and behavioral information

should be included in EHRs and identifying obstacles to the inclusion of such information and

ways to overcome those obstacles. The inclusion and use of such data in an EHR should foster

better clinical care of individual patients and of populations, and enable more informative

research on the determinants of health and the effectiveness of treatments. Committee members

reflecting different perspectives, disciplines, and concerns grappled with how to create a

coordinated approach that would maximize the chances achieving these outcomes.

By bringing together social and behavioral scientists with clinical and public health

practitioners and information technology (IT) experts, the committee forged a new understanding

of different frames of thinking. Not surprisingly, the social and behavioral scientists were most

focused on domains and measures that had been shown in the research literature to be linked to

health or longevity, while the clinicians and practitioners were more concerned with the

implications of collecting the information, including how it could be used and the burden of

collecting and storing it.

In its deliberations, the committee broke new ground in several ways that go beyond the

usefulness of its specific findings and recommendations. This report provides a concrete

approach to including social and behavioral determinants in the clinical context to increase

clinical awareness of the patient’s state, broadly considered, and to connect clinical, public

health, and community resources to work in concert. The committee emphasizes the standard

measures that are ready for widespread use and describe how, as a parsimonious panel, these

measures can provide an initial understanding of social and behavioral determinants of health."

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Comment by Rajiv Bhatia on December 16, 2014 at 3:18pm

A great report. A long time coming and a milestone. Hopefully, we'll see some progressive health systems taking this on sooner and taking it a step further.


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