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New report argues for prevention not prison for six non-violent minor crimes

Putting low-level, non-violent offenders in prison needlessly harms their  health and the health of their children and makes it harder for offenders to get their life back on track. A large share of these crimes involve substance abuse and mental illness. There are alternatives to prison time that are smarter, healthier, more humane, and cheaper but these require us to reform of our current justice system.…


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Paid Sick Leave: Health Advocates Can Help Win A Common Sense Policy

Imagine waking up sick with the flu. Wouldn't you want to take a day off from work? What if not working meant going without pay? What if your boss has been reminding you about the value of reliability?

After July 1, 2015, fewer California workers will have to struggle with this choice. Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1522 making California the second state (after…


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Stressed Out in America: NPR Series

NPR is running a great series on stress and health. It kicked off with a NPR/ RWJF/ HSPH survey on stress in the US - Stressed Out: Americans Tell us About Stress in Their Lives - and follows with For Many Americans, Stress…


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Getting Behind Minimum Wage and Sick Days Campaigns

City and state campaigns to raise the minimum wage and mandate paid sick days are  taking off all over the country and in many places health leaders have been stepping up and speaking out powerfully. Chicago, Los Angeles are both considering following the lead of Seattle and a citizens initiative will be on the ballot this fall in Oakland.…


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