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Stressed Out in America: NPR Series

NPR is running a great series on stress and health. It kicked off with a NPR/ RWJF/ HSPH survey on stress in the US - Stressed Out: Americans Tell us About Stress in Their Lives - and follows with For Many Americans, Stress…


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Integrating Brief Action Planning (BAP) and Poverty Screening tools into an EMR

Check out these great examples of how to incorporate new tools into an EMR created By Dr. Bruce Hobson of Powell River BC. The first one is an example of how Brief Action Planning (BAP), can be incorporated into an EMR.  


For more information on BAP visit The Centre for Collaboration…


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Kootenay Boundary, BC Doctors in the Kootenay Boundary have a new tool today that will help them support patients with socio-economic challenges impacting their health.

Entitled the Poverty Intervention Tool, the document explores the profound impact that social determinants, like not being able to meet monthly expenses, have on patient…


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super educational resource on vuln. pops.

GREAT seeing Dr. Laura Gottlieb!

found out that Health Begins-ers may not yet be aware of a wonderful resource, "Caring with Compassion" @caringwithcompassion.org.

it's a free, evidence based curriculum on caring for vulnerable and underserved populations. It's great to go through yourself, with colleagues, or to "use" with learners.

you have to sign up for it, but it's free:…


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New RWJ Commission to Build a Healthier America Report

In 2008, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) convened the Commission to Build a Healthier America to help us find better ways to improve the health of our nation. The Commission—a national, nonpartisan group of leaders from both the public and private sectors—issued  10 sweeping recommendations aimed at improving the health of all Americans.

The Commission’s work sparked a national conversation that has led to a marked increase in collaboration among a wide variety of partners…


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NYT articles about biologic effects of stress

I want to let everyone know about this NYT article about status and stress. We know that the stress of poverty early in life can have consequences that last into adulthood. It great that this message is getting out in the popular press.


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Announcing the release of my new TED Book, "The Upstream Doctors"

I'm happy to announce that my new TED Book "The Upstream Doctors," is available for download as an e-book today on…


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Health Begins Residents

I am not a doctor yet. The match is 13 days away (what feels like an eternity that’s just around the corner). But, on March 15th, I will still be a medical student; at least for the next 3 months.

Like so many, I was drawn to medicine after working with people who had barriers to health care, along with circumstances that put them at risk for disease. In medical school there was no shortage of these dilemmas. Beyond physical illnesses, my patients grappled with…


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The Ranking Dilemma

This time of year is fraught for thousands of fourth year medical students (myself included). We are collectively faced with an enormous decision: where do we go to residency? For better or for worse, the decision is not entirely ours; how to weigh our rank list provides us a bit of say in the matter.

 I’ve wondered how my interest in health care barriers will factor into the ranking. How can a program prepare me to be – beyond a proficient gynecologist – a doctor who transcends…


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Family Advocacy Program Social Determinants of Health Tablet Application

In collaboration with the National Center for Medical Legal Partnership, Harvard Medical Students, Barry Zuckerman, the Peninsula Family Advocacy Program and a team of physicians, attorneys and students at Stanford, for the past year we have been developing an online social needs screening application.

The goal of our project is to help patients identify social barriers to health and address them by pairing patients with necessary legal and community resources. Models of this social…


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The Van Tour for Medical Residents

I am part of a medical residency program at a local hospital and FQHC. In order to 'drive home' the importance of socio-econ determinants of health and population outcomes, I planned a Van Tour of the local community where our patients reside. I drove around, following some community members in a lead car, with six family med residents in my van. I worked with the new residents in advance familiarizing them with the usual basic stats about our community and helping them prepare some Q&A…


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Five ways that HealthBegins can help you teach medical students

In its 2008 report Closing the Gap in A Generation, the WHO called on the health community to "incorporate the social determinants of health into medical and health training, and improve social determinants of health literacy more widely."  For those of you who teach medical or health students as part of your daily clinical or academic practice, here are 5 things you…


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This week: Financial stress and what the healthcare team can do about it

Across the U.S., the economic crisis continues to impact the health of our communities.  This week, our guest contributors Dr. Heather Bennett and Dr. Adam Schickedanz, residents at UCSF, explore the theme of financial…


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FQHCs in the news

The Atlantic highlights an article published in the American Journal of…


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Welcome to HealthBegins!

With my co-founders, Drs. Laura Gottlieb and Ricky Choi, I founded HealthBegins to be a "think-and-do tank", where the best and brightest innovators in health care can share stories of success and setback, spread best practices, and transform the health care system to improve health where it begins - where we live, work, eat and play. 

I am a primary care physician, trained at UCLA in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Four years ago, I started working with the National Health Service…


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