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Skid Row doctor joins housing first initiative

Currently, Los Angeles County is moving towards a "housing first" approach to homeless health care that places homeless people in permanent housing units instead of temporary shelters.  This approach improves health and reduces overall costs for some of the city's sickest, costliest patients.   

Dr. Susan Partovi is the medical field director for the Los Angeles Department of Health Services, and she has been working with homeless clients in LA's downtown area for many years. Dr.…


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A challenging childhood can make you a sick adult

On the August 4, 2014 edition:  Host David Onek and a panel of experts look at why childhood stress can impact long-term health. You can find the full audio at this site.

What are the biochemical changes that occur because of early stress, and why can they reduce life expectancy?  What diseases are most commonly seen in adults who have experienced childhood trauma?…


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Welcome to our newest members! We’re nearly 900 members strong and growing.

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Your Story in a TED Talk: Are You Moving Health Care Upstream?

Do you know a clinic that helped move health care upstream by addressing the social and environmental conditions that make people sick? Have you played a role in moving healthcare upstream?

We want to hear your story!  We would love for the world to hear it too!

On August 6th, I will record a TED Talk about…


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Stressed Out in America: NPR Series

NPR is running a great series on stress and health. It kicked off with a NPR/ RWJF/ HSPH survey on stress in the US - Stressed Out: Americans Tell us About Stress in Their Lives - and follows with For Many Americans, Stress…


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Study: Linking Poverty and Child Obesity

In a study of approximately 1000 low birth weight infants, by the age of two to six years old, children who lived in poorer neighborhoods had much higher BMIs than their counterparts in wealthier neighborhoods. “The study identifies for the first time the effects of neighborhood-level poverty, family poverty and ethnicity on children’s weight, shedding new light on the origins of adult health disparities, the authors say.”…


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Integrating Brief Action Planning (BAP) and Poverty Screening tools into an EMR

Check out these great examples of how to incorporate new tools into an EMR created By Dr. Bruce Hobson of Powell River BC. The first one is an example of how Brief Action Planning (BAP), can be incorporated into an EMR.

For more information on BAP visit The Centre for Collaboration…


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NEW LINK! Harvard Medical School Social Medicine Curriculum Available at HealthBegins!

Many thanks to David Jones, MD, PhD for sending on the Harvard Medical School Introduction to Social Medicine and Global Health Course Curriculum. It's chock full of great readings and cases for discussion and could be adapted for use in other teaching settings. And an extra thanks to Komal Kothari for helping us make…


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Getting Behind Minimum Wage and Sick Days Campaigns

City and state campaigns to raise the minimum wage and mandate paid sick days are  taking off all over the country and in many places health leaders have been stepping up and speaking out powerfully. Chicago, Los Angeles are both considering following the lead of Seattle and a citizens initiative will be on the ballot this fall in Oakland.…


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Happy Independence Day to our HealthBegins community! 

Welcome to our newest members, and thank you to all of those who have shared HealthBegins with friends and colleagues.  We are a growing community of health providers and other health experts interested in understanding and addressing social factors from within clinical settings. 

Top content this week:…


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Psychology of Poverty- TEDMED July 8th

Just heard about this TEDMED talk "The Psychology of Poverty" on July 8th at 12 pm EST.  To learn more, or to sign up for the talk, follow this link

For those who want to read an interesting article about how the daily stress of poverty can impact health, this article about …


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Projects that Work Competition!

I would like to invite all you health innovators with a Project-in-the-works (must be 3 years or older) to consider submitting your project to the "Projects that Work" competition at the annual conference of The Network: Towards Unity for Health in Fortaleza, Brazil. For those who aren't familiar with The Network, I pulled this from their website:

The Network: Towards Unity for Health is an international organisation of academic health professions institutions and…


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Hack to End Homelessness

Excited to hear about this recent event in Seattle, WA-  "Hack to End Homelessness" which brought together design and technology experts to address homelessness and its root causes. 

Projects that came out of the conference include an app that helps homeless youth find shelter and tools to help service providers improve care delivery.  Among the projects completed includes a…


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JAMA: The Case for Social Medicine

Big shout out to medical student Komal Kothari who published in this week's JAMA on "The Case for Social Medicine." (Attached here as Kothari.pdf because it's not up on PubMed yet.)

It would be great to be able to share the Harvard Introduction to Social Medicine and Global Health…


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Reminder - SocMed Uganda 2014 Course Applications Due Soon

Greetings all,

A reminder that our application deadline is quickly approaching at the end of June.  We welcome applications from all interested health professional students.


Michael Westerhaus, SocMed


On behalf of SocMed, we are please to invite health professional students to apply for the fifth annual course Beyond the Biologic Basis of Disease: The Social and Economic…


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A Shout out for MedEd Portal SDH Training Videos!

Another resource for all HB health professional teachers! The Cincinnati Children's Hospital has created a very user-friendly, peer-reviewed set of training modules for teaching clinicians to screen for social determinants of health. The videos are loaded on MedEd Portal through AAMC and are free to all AAMC users. You can sign up at AAMC and create a user log in/password also for no…


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Happy Graduation to all the graduates in your families and communities!  Education is one of the most important ways to live a healthful life, and so every graduation season is a time to celebrate.  A special congratulations to all the high school seniors at Alliance…


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A powerful prescription for better public health: raise the minimum wage

[This blog was posted on  The Pump Handle and is cross-posted with the author's permission)

by Rajiv Bhatia, M.D.

Over the past three decades, real wages for low-income workers in the United States have either stagnated or declined. The federal minimum wage is intended to…


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New Report! The Business Case for Addressing SDH in Clinical Settings

Check out this informative new report about the Emerging Business Case for SDH Clinical Interventions. Commonwealth Fund, Skoll and Pershing Square Foundations teamed up to support Manatt Health Solutions to do this work. Full report is available here: …


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