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"Don't ask, don't know, don't care" policy means health for all in San Francisco

Lack of legal status is a strong determinant of the health in the United States.  Low-wage jobs in the informal sector, informal housing and often the inability to prove even local residency (no utility bills in a person’s name, etc) severely restrict access to health care and other services in this vulnerable group. 

San Francisco’s local policy regarding undocumented persons is a positive example of how to improve access to care for undocumented patients.  In the 1980s, the city…


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"My patient's most pressing issue was a broken carburetor."

Check out this terrific post by Dr. Doug Jutte from UC Berkeley and UCSF. It's posted on the RWJF New Public Health site.

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Health Impact Assessment: Necessary but Not Sufficient for Healthy Public Policy

Hot off the presses. Check out this Commentary from our very own L. Gottlieb, "Health Impact Assessment: Necessary but Not Sufficient for Healthy Public Policy.

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“A safe, decent, affordable home is like a vaccine — it literally keeps children healthy.”

It's worth reading the D.C. Roll Call article on how "Housing and Health Care Go Hand-in-Hand" from 12/15/2011. The article is by Raphael Bostic, the assistant secretary for policy development and research at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The piece…


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Guns are within my scope of practice

Should pediatricians be punished for asking about guns in the home?

Far be it for me, a Bay Area pediatrician, to tell Floridians about how to keep their kids safe. But having spent half of my life in the south (and I don’t mean LA), perhaps I am only partially carpetbagging.

Florida’s Governor Scott is on the verge of signing into law a bill that would penalize doctors for asking about…


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Mt. Sinai and upstream conditions

Interesting article by Mt. Sinai President and CEO, Kenneth Davis, MD, advertised in the NY Times recently (Mt. Sinai and Upstream Conditions). Just wish Dr. Davis would talk about how hospitals can help....It would be great to see how Mt. Sinai could encourage their providers to start routinely screening for food security, educational attainment, or housing conditions. This…


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Creating Financial Fitness

For those interested in the relationships between income and health, it's worth checking out Adam Schickedanz and Heather Bennett at SFGH in San Francisco have developed a novel way to incorporate financial counseling into the array of services provided in the county hospital. This is their program description: 

"The Financial Fitness Clinic is a clinic for patients and their families…


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"To Fix Health, Help the Poor"

Interesting NYT Op-Ed by Lauren Taylor and Elizabeth Bradley from Yale published 12/08/2011. Refers to their recent article in BMJ Quality and Safety. Consider checking out their Op-Ed when you have time at Though their work is at the population level, the authors help to renew my wonder at the…


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Under Addressing the Factors that Cause 70% of Disease

While in residency, I took care of a toddler who was hospitalized following an anaphylactic reaction.  During a diaper change at home the child suddenly developed lip swelling and severe difficulty breathing for no apparent reason. The child was urgently brought to the…


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Welcome to HealthBegins!

With my co-founders, Drs. Laura Gottlieb and Ricky Choi, I founded HealthBegins to be a "think-and-do tank", where the best and brightest innovators in health care can share stories of success and setback, spread best practices, and transform the health care system to improve health where it begins - where we live, work, eat and play. 

I am a primary care physician, trained at UCLA in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Four years ago, I started working with the National Health Service…


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Pollution In Utah

Taken From the Associated Post:

When winter comes to Utah and atmospheric conditions trap a soup of pollutants close to the ground, doctors say it turns every resident in the Salt Lake basin into the equivalent of a cigarette smoker.

For days or weeks at a time, an inversion layer in which high pressure systems can trap a roughly 1,300-foot-thick layer of cold air — and the pollutants that build up inside it —…


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