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discharging the homeless without shoes?

Last week, my hospital discharged a homeless man diagnosed with AIDS with no shoes. I ran into the former patient on the steps outside the hospital; the man was shivering, waiting for the bus to take him to a shelter. We did get him some shoes before he took off, because it's a wild idea, discharging someone without shoes. I can't help but think about the policeman in NY, obviously. Does it save the hospital…


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Seasons greetings from HealthBegins!

We are grateful for your participation in our growing community of over 250 health practitioners, academics, public health workers, and learners of every variety. 

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Top Content this…


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Article: SDOH and Pediatric Hospitalizations

Poor children have highest in-hospital death rate

NEW YORK | Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:23pm EST



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Dr. Jack Geiger- Setting some priorities for gun control action

Posted with permission from Dr. Jack Geiger, from the Spirit of 1848 listserve. 

So many ideas have been floated in the recent conversation-

gendering and cults of masculinity, power, white privilege

and paranoid anxieties; definition of gun violence as a

public health issue (long since raised many times in the

past); calls for collection of all kinds of data (much of

it already being done); calls for long-term cultural change

with regard to guns…


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Why can't we regulate guns as seriously as we do cars?

Another thoughtful piece.…


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What now? Newtown, CT

Following the devastation in Newtown there are many directions we can point to explain what happened: mental illness, gun laws, school safety.  Here is a helpful starting point when thinking about "meaningful action" on gun control:…


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Good news

David Bornstein offers up some optimism for the holidays in today's NYT blog. If you're looking for a place to find holiday cheer (or maybe places to donate before 12/31/12), it's worth checking out some of the inspiring social innovators and organizations he has profiled over the last two years.

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Childhood obesity may be on the decline

This is great news published in the New York Times today about declining rates of childhood obesity in various U.S. cities.  This is the first good news in decades.  However, these declines are mainly seen in higher income white children. 

What will it take to reverse this trend in all Americans, not just the wealthiest?  Will …


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Crowdsourcing- bringing together the best of experts, crowds, and technology

Recently, HealthBegins began a project with L.A.-based high school students doing "community detailing", a technique that maps neighborhood health resources.  The information collected by students can be used in community health centers to refer patients to much needed resources to improve the social factors that impact health.…

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"Nutrition is not the responsibility of government."

Anyone interested in doing their own Food Stamp Challenge a la Mayor Booker to raise awareness about the potential of SNAP to impact family health? Beyond SNAP's effects on educational readiness, it might be worth mentioning to an influential politician like Booker (maybe off-line...;) that we know surprisingly little about the effects of nutritional assistance…


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Join us! The Future of Healthcare High Schools Mapping the Social Determinants of Health

The Future of Healthcare 

High Schools Mapping the Social Determinants of Health
Learn how a high school class in South LA and a local…

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Check out this conversation with the founder of HealthLeads

In a conversation with California Healthline, Rebecca Onie, co-founder and CEO of Health Leads, said that many health care providers are concerned about the difficulty of helping patients access healthy food, safe housing or other needed resources.

To address such challenges, Health Leads has established a model that encourages physicians, nurses and social workers to identify patients' resource needs. A health care provider then prescribes the needed resources and the…


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