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Just hours after I posted the CDC video about homelessness, I saw this article in the NYT about the police officer in NYC who bought a pair of boots for a homeless man he had seen while on duty. Imagine how much cheaper those shoes are than that ED visit for frostbite. "…


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Homelessness and Health Video

This video from the CDC reminded me to ask patients broadly about housing stability rather than just homelessness. So instead of asking about shelters or living on the streets, I ask directly about living in cars, living with friends, or living in temporary, overcrowded or non-traditional housing. I still think the CDC is a little short-sighted about all the things the healthcare system can…


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CHWs not CPS agents to tackle the obesity epidemic

I couldn't help but think that a community health worker (CHW) would add more value to solving the problems presented in this NEJM article than a CPS agent....  



Confronting the Social Determinants of Health — Obesity, Neglect, and Inequity…


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Hurricane Sandy and Healthy NORCs

Seniors were among those most impacted by Hurricane Sandy. After the storm was over, I found myself worrying about the elderly people living alone along the east coast.  Many of these folks, including large areas of New York City, live in…


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The Community Toolbox

The Community Toolbox is a free online platform by The University of Kansas that promotes community health and development by connecting people, ideas and resources.  The site provides practical, step-by-step guidance for promoting community health and development.  Really helpful for those interested in community-based health initiatives. …


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Thank you! Our online community has reached 250 members, stretching across the U.S, from Hawaii to Massachusetts, and spanning the globe from Europe to Africa. 

As we celebrate reaching our goal of bringing together a community of 250 health practitioners, academics, public health workers, and learners of every variety, we’d like to share a…


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With the 2012 elections behind us, the job ahead is to turn hope into action. 

On Tuesday, The Affordable Care Act managed to jump over yet another hurdle in its embattled journey as the law of the land.  During this historic time, the work to be done is to improve our way to better health outcomes, and the ACA will help with that.  Addressing the social determinants of health- the social context of people’s lives- is another important tool in the…


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Crowdsourcing and AED locations

The MyHeartMap Challenge uses crowdsourcing to map AED locations in public places throughout Philadelphia.  Using smartphones and rewarding participants with monetary prizes as incentives, over 1500 AEDs have been mapped in 46 of Philadelphia's 49 zip codes- information that would have otherwise taken considerable time and public resources to collect. 

The data collected will be used for a…


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Neighborhood characteristics influence bystander-initiated CPR

Thought this article might be interesting to HealthBegins readers. The full article is available through NEJM. This is a great example of how social cohesion, trust, volunteerism, etc. are impacting health disparities. And I doubt the most comprehensive response is to do more CPR training in low-income neighborhoods....



Association of Neighborhood Characteristics with Bystander-Initiated CPR

Comilla Sasson, M.D., David J. Magid, M.D., Paul Chan,… Continue

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With less than a week until election day, civic engagement is on our minds here at HealthBegins. 

Top content this week:

The Family Doctor,…


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Protecting the vulnerable- part 2

On the collision course around the economics of healthcare I referred to yesterday, Medicaid is on that collision path- now more than ever after the Supreme Court's ACA decision.  A recent editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine states:  "The Court's surprising decision to allow states to opt out of Medicaid could result in coverage looking a bit like Swiss cheese, with big gaps for the most…


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