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Economics and healthcare- protecting the vulnerable

"The poor don’t vote, and they don’t contribute to political campaigns... On the collision course around the economics of healthcare, the poor are right there in the middle of the collision." 

- Don Berwick, former head of CMS, March 2012

The solution to many of the root causes of ill health lies in the hands of local communities, and voting in local elections is a way that the poor and vulnerable can make their voices heard. …


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"The Family Doctor, Minus the MD"

If you are not treading water, and you have the luxury of reading about anything other than the devastation Sandy caused this week, you might consider looking at this NYT blog. It's a timely follow-up to the conversation about primary care shortages that we've seen on the HealthBegins blog pages. 

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October 25th, 2012

HealthBegins now has over 220 members and growing!  A special welcome goes out to our newest Stanford University members. 

Share Innovation, Spark Change

We are calling on all members who will be at the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting to share highlights and inspiration.  Whether it’s a few sentences or something…


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Beck et al article on using SES measures to inform readmission risks

Thought our readers might be interested in this recent article from AJPH about a study conducted out of Cincinnati Children's Hospital. The authors Beck, Simmons, Huang and Kahn find that a geographic social risk index can help identify asthmatic children at high risk of hospital readmission. They suggest that…


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Family Advocacy Program Social Determinants of Health Tablet Application

In collaboration with the National Center for Medical Legal Partnership, Harvard Medical Students, Barry Zuckerman, the Peninsula Family Advocacy Program and a team of physicians, attorneys and students at Stanford, for the past year we have been developing an online social needs screening application.

The goal of our project is to help patients identify social barriers to health and address them by pairing patients with necessary legal and community resources. Models of this social…


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Article: Cuddle Your Kid

Original link: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/21/opinion/sunday/kristof-cuddle-your-kid.html?_r=0

This article wonderfully speaks to the importance of getting serious about childhood poverty.


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Importance of Integrating Social Needs Assessments into Primary Care

I recently became informed of Health Begins from Laura Gottlieb, whom I was put into contact with through the National Center for Medical Legal Partnership. I am an undergraduate at Stanford and was not aware of terms like "social determinants of health" or "social needs of patients" two years ago. Through the National Center for Medical Legal Partnership, I became informed of the major role that social determinants of health plays in the health of patients and the critical position that…


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Fair and Balanced: A Physician's Perspective

I was looking for a response to post to my own blog that changing physician practice behavior will take a long time and is a critical reason to why changing delivery of health care is so difficult. I came across this column in The Week that could serve as a fair and balanced counter to my last blog:



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Article: Americans Who Like Where They Live Are in Better Health

Another poll linking health and where people live.  Do your patients like where they live? Do they feel safe in their home, where they shop, in their neighborhoods?

Article: …


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Alaska's NUKA System- Customer Driven Primary Care

The SouthCentral Foundation's NUKA System of Care won the 2011 Baldridge Award and its founder Katherine Gottlieb won the MacArthur Genius Award

One of the 4 dimensions of the NUKA system is shifting to…


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Health in All Policies- have your say!

In preparation for the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion, The World Health Organization wants to hear your voice in the working definition of "Health in All Policies".  To learn more and to join the web-based forum, see this link.  The…


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Upcoming APHA conference in SF

The APHA conference in SF on 10/27-10/31 has several interesting sessions that I thought people would be interested in. In particular, "Integrating Nutrition into Medical and Dental Care Training" sounds great! I'm happy to circulate any pertinent materials for folks who cannot attend. 

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HealthyPeople 2020 wants your comments! Submit today!

HealthyPeople 2020 wants public comments! Submit your comments today!


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is soliciting written comments regarding new objectives proposed to be added to Healthy People 2020 since its launch in December 2010. Healthy People 2020 will provide opportunities for…


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Op Ed from Kristof on A Possibly Fatal Mistake

I read this 10/12/12 Kristof NYT Op-Ed today and am thinking of sending it out to friends and colleagues who aren't yet sold on the Affordable Care Act. Talk about a way with words....

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Health Literacy Month Twitter Chat- October 25th

This month is Health Literacy Month!  Below is information about a tweet chat at the end of the month on Health Literacy, brought to you by Healthy People 2020 Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.  You can get resources about health literacy from HealthBegins …

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Doctors' Sharing Their Notes: My Reaction

A quick note re: my thoughts about the webinar yesterday sponsored by RWJ. If you weren't able to view the webinar or haven't checked out the site yet (see my prior blog) this blog may not make sense.

On the other hand, it may make perfect sense...because what really struck me is that there was really no reference to or discussions regarding what I…


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Corporate structure as a social determinant of health

I teach public health at Tufts Medical School, and I continually try to find ways to have students not only understand social determinants of health, but to think of policy and advocacy activities that can change them.  I have recently become interested in the way that corporate structures and the legal charters that govern them are both connected to the health status of populations AND artificial  constructs that are subject to change.  In other words, they are targets for public health…


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Housing and health care Op-Ed in Huffington Post

Compelling post by Deborah De Santis from the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) in the Huffington Post on 10/8/2012: Housing and Health Care Must Come Together to Serve Vulnerable …


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In just one week, the HealthBegins community has grown to more than 170 members!  As we grow, we'll regularly highlight members, including innovators like Dr. Deborah Viola, who just blogged about her work taking medical residents on community tours, and …


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Free RWJ Webinar on Results of Doctors' Shared Notes with Patients

You're Invited: Discover the Benefits of Shared Doctors' Visit Notes

Attend the OpenNotes Public Meeting or Watch the Live Webcast on…


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