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Welcome to our newest members! 

HealthBegins is excited to announce that we now have over 1000 members in our online community!  This is great news for all of us who work towards comprehensive health systems that integrate social context into clinical care. 

Our aim for members of HealthBegins:

  • SHARE EXPERIENCES and BEST PRACTICES to improve social circumstances that impact…

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New report argues for prevention not prison for six non-violent minor crimes

Putting low-level, non-violent offenders in prison needlessly harms their  health and the health of their children and makes it harder for offenders to get their life back on track. A large share of these crimes involve substance abuse and mental illness. There are alternatives to prison time that are smarter, healthier, more humane, and cheaper but these require us to reform of our current justice system.…


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How Hospitals Can Address the Social Determinants of Health

Great new blog post about how hospitals can use an asset-based approach to community…


Added by Linda Sharp on September 21, 2014 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment

Unwalkable neighborhoods increase the risk of diabetes, especially among immigrants

A Canadian study published last year examines the effects of neighborhood walkability on the development of diabetes. The study looked at the health records of Toronto residents over a five-year period, finding an inverse relationship between neighborhood walkability and the incidence of diabetes after controlling for income and age. The effect was even stronger among recent…


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Paid Sick Leave: Health Advocates Can Help Win A Common Sense Policy

Imagine waking up sick with the flu. Wouldn't you want to take a day off from work? What if not working meant going without pay? What if your boss has been reminding you about the value of reliability?

After July 1, 2015, fewer California workers will have to struggle with this choice. Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1522 making California the second state (after…


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Outbreak of Ebola- Economy meets Ecology

A recent editorial by infectious disease specialists Dan Bausch and Lara Schwarz explains that social forces of extreme poverty, civil war, and deforestation are largely responsible for the unfolding Ebola epidemic"Despite the frequently promulgated image of Ebola virus mysteriously and randomly emerging from the forest, the sites of attack are far from random... outbreaks almost…


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Air Pollution and A Child's Brain

Yes, pollution is bad for health.  It's bad for the lungs, it could cause cancer and may be associated with cardiovascular disease.  How about a child's brain?  

This study, conducted by researchers from the University of Montana compared serum and spinal fluid from children living in Mexico City to those living in a low-pollution city.  They found that kids living in Mexico city had higher levels of autoantibodies that could contribute to…


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Center for Care Innovations Incubator Stories: Building A Career Ladder With Patient Navigators

Great article this week from the Center for Care Innovations on Asian Americans for Community Involvement's innovative patient navigator program in Santa Clara, CA.

"To better reach out to these patients and improve their access and experience, AACI decided to develop a new staff role: a non-clinical, culturally…


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A cost effective, high quality solution

Great job on the Ted talk!  I hope Health Begins considers adding exercise to the social determinants of health. It is a part of the solution.

Added by Beth Travis PT, MS, Cert MDT on September 16, 2014 at 7:13pm — No Comments

Checklist to move your healthcare upstream

(Adapted from the The Upstream Doctors)

Healthcare can be better when all of us, including our doctors and nurses, have the right tools and support to fix the upstream causes of illness in our lives. That’s why the future of health care depends on growing and supporting more “upstreamists.” These are the rare innovators on the front lines of health…


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Doc for Tots scores again! Health Care Professionals can help support smart childcare decisions

Doc for Tots published a helpful Child Care Primer for providers this week, noting that clinicians can play a significant role in supporting families around child care choices and needs and linking families to quality child care every day. The report describes types of child care providers, the role of regulation, how to measure child care provider quality, and ways to link families with…


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Welcome to our newest members, and thank you to all of those who have shared HealthBegins with friends and colleagues.  We are a growing community of over 900 health providers and other health experts interested in understanding and addressing social factors from within clinical settings. 

Top content this week--find all this and more on our blog pages! …


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A long view suggests kids end up where they start.

HealthBegins-relevant Reporting on Health post by Ryan White about work from Baltimore showing "how the resources and strength of a child’s family...exert a powerful influence over a child’s future. Poor kids...become poor adults, with…


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Homeless Veterans Clinic Improves Care and Lowers Costs

Homeless veterans clinic reduces ER visits by treating the whole person from California Health Report on Vimeo.

HealthBegins founder and President Dr. Rishi Manchanda and his team use an upstreamist approach to improve health and reduce costs for homeless veterans…


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Labor Day reflections on temporary employment and health

For many women and men around the world, and here in the United States, temporary or informal employment can be a serious health harm.  A recent article in the New York Times highlights some stark facts about temporary work here in the U.S.: "According to a study of workers in Washington State published in the…


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