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De-criminalizing student misconduct: LAUSD hopes to eliminate the “school-to-prison pipeline”

On Tuesday, August 19th the Los Angeles Unified School District police force announced a significant change in the handling of school discipline. In lieu of citing students for offenses such as fights, minor theft, or tobacco possession, officers will work with administrators to refer students to community support programs.

This change results from the growing body of evidence suggesting that zero-tolerance policies fail to improve classroom safety and instead decrease…


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Reporting on Health

A shout out to the USC Annenberg School of Journalism's Reporting on Health and their California Endowment Health Journalism Fellows. 

Check out these recent Health Begins-relevant posts: …


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Welcome to our newest members, and thank you to all of those who have shared HealthBegins with friends and colleagues.  We are a growing community of nearly 900 health providers and other health experts interested in understanding and addressing social factors from within clinical settings. 

Top content this week:

Doctor Joins Housing First…


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Texas: Mental Health Cops and the Safety Net

In the U.S., serious mental illness is often criminalized, and jails hold 10 times as many people with serious mental illness as hospitals do.  A recent story on NPR highlighted how San Antonio, Texas transformed its mental health system to keep people out of jails and hospitals and into a healing environment.  This "smart justice" approach diverts people with mental illness into treatment instead of jails or emergency departments.  So far, the approach has saved $50 million over 5 years for…


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Skid Row doctor joins housing first initiative

Currently, Los Angeles County is moving towards a "housing first" approach to homeless health care that places homeless people in permanent housing units instead of temporary shelters.  This approach improves health and reduces overall costs for some of the city's sickest, costliest patients.   

Dr. Susan Partovi is the medical field director for the Los Angeles Department of Health Services, and she has been working with homeless clients in LA's downtown area for many years. Dr.…


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A challenging childhood can make you a sick adult

On the August 4, 2014 edition:  Host David Onek and a panel of experts look at why childhood stress can impact long-term health. You can find the full audio at this site.

What are the biochemical changes that occur because of early stress, and why can they reduce life expectancy?  What diseases are most commonly seen in adults who have experienced childhood trauma?…


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