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***Mid-Week Wrap-Up from HealthBegins***

Welcome to our newest members!  We are an ever-growing community of health providers and other health experts interested in the social factors that impact health, and how to address social factors in clinical…


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Is everything in life “food”?

Should we consider "food" to be an essential social determinant? As a fundamental element of our daily existence food is a central variable in our ongoing human development, lifestyle decision making as well as integral in mapping the trajectory of our future nutritional habits. 

I’m also one of those people whose wrestled with multiple food intake, fad diets and weight loss challenges, especially in my life as a child, adolescent and young adult. And…


Added by Rod Hart RN, COHN on August 27, 2013 at 10:33am — No Comments

Screening for Food Insecurity

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I've only recently begun really learning about social determinants of health.  After a discussion with a friend I decided to try to start screening in my own clinic; the first 3 patients I screened all admitted to being food insecure.  Two of them admit to having regular access to food for only about half of every month and the last patient trades half of her food stamps every month for a couch in her friend's apartment.  It's no wonder that a review of…


Added by Erin Kallock on August 25, 2013 at 5:37pm — 2 Comments

New Care Models Look at Social Factors in Health

From yesterday's Medpage Today online news- a wrap-up of Dr. Manchanda's webinar co-hosted by WHYY Senior Health Writer Taunya English, entitled Health and the Built Environment: What Makes an Environment Healthy?

"Care models such as PCMHs, ambulatory intensive care units, and medical neighborhoods should thrive on connecting patients' clinical…


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Learn to treat food insecurity

On Thursday August 29th, the Healthy Food Access Portal will host a webinar called "Farmer's Markets in Low Income Communities- Strategies and Best Practices".  It will discuss various programs and policies and their influence on healthy food options in low income neighborhoods.  To register, click here. …


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Patient financial health--new resources

Two new articles and a website that might be appealing to HB members interested in patient financial health. 

1. Sweet et al write in Social Science & Medicine that financial debt in young people is linked with stress and depression, poorer health status and higher diastolic bp. (…


Added by Laura Gottlieb on August 21, 2013 at 7:07pm — No Comments

Art Kaufman's talk on Health Extension Agents and Social Determinants of Health

Art Kaufman's TED X ABQ talk on New Mexico Health Extension Agents helps make the argument for why addressing social determinants is so critical--and he offers a model for doing it. I'm excited to think about how HealthBegins members can spread this work to more places. 

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Happy Sunday to our HealthBegins community! …


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Childhood obesity rates fall in many states

Good news as summer comes to a close:  for the first time, obesity rates for children in the U.S. have fallen in many states.  See the full CDC report here

What are the reasons for this change?  And what can health providers and community members do to continue this trend? …


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Wed Aug 21st- Webinar on Health and the Built Environment

On Wednesday, August 21 at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT, WHYY Health Reporter Taunya English and HealthBegins founder Rishi Manchanda, M.D., will conduct a webinar entitled Health and The Built Environment- What Makes A Healthy Environment?  During the talk, they will discuss links between health…


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New book- Comrades in Health- now available

A recently published book entitled Comrades in Health- U.S. Internationalists, Abroad and at Home is now available.  It tells the story of generations of U.S. based health advocates that have shaped much of the work currently being done in social medicine.  Especially interesting is the chapter by…

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**Mid-summer wrap-up of news in social determinants of health**

Welcome to our newest…


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NYT articles about biologic effects of stress

I want to let everyone know about this NYT article about status and stress. We know that the stress of poverty early in life can have consequences that last into adulthood. It great that this message is getting out in the popular press.

Added by Dayna Long on August 9, 2013 at 1:29pm — No Comments

Human Impact Partners Stress Response and HIAs blog entry

Human Impact Partners, a non-profit in Oakland, California that conducts and trains partners to conduct Health Impact Assessments, has a blog page that I finally checked out today. I really liked an entry from their research director Holly Avey about the stress response. You can check it out…


Added by Laura Gottlieb on August 6, 2013 at 8:41pm — No Comments

Invite your undocumented patient to take the Healthy California Survey

The  Healthy California Survey Project is a statewide effort led by immigrant youth within the Healthy California cohort of Dream Summer 2013.  This research is timely, as the Affordable Care Act currently excludes undocumented and DACA eligible individuals. California has the largest population of undocumented youth in the U.S., and there is little information on immigrant…

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