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National Quality Forum Panel featured in NYT

Read the NYT article about the NQF Panel Report …


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Upstream Canada: new organization seeks to build a healthy society

As members of Health Begins know very well, social factors play a significant role in determining whether we will be healthy or ill. Health care is but one element of what makes the biggest difference in health outcomes. This has been understood for centuries, and empirically validated in recent decades with study after study demonstrating health inequalities between wealthy and disadvantaged populations. 

Yet political conversations about health still tend to fall into familiar…


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People Worth Knowing

I live in Tulsa, OK, where I direct the Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Oklahoma's School of Community Medicine. (More on THAT in a future post.)

For now, I want to introduce you to Marilyn Winkleby and her husband, Mike Fischetti.

She's an epidemiologist in the Department of Medicine at Stanford; he's a retired Kaiser oncologist who started their hospice program and is now on the health board of Santa Clara County, CA.

Together they work to feed the…


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HealthBegins is proud to share that we now have over 800 people in our network!  Welcome to our newest members, and thank you to all of those who have shared HealthBegins with friends and colleagues.  We are a growing community of health providers and other health experts interested in understanding and addressing social factors from within clinical settings.

Top News:


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Treat or Eat? Many Americans can't afford both medications and food

A recent study published by researchers at UCSF and Harvard highlights the tough situation faced by many Americans: put food on the table or pay for prescription medications.  Clinicians and safety net health systems that understand these challenges can potentially improve chronic disease management by addressing food insecurity.  From the…


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Does subsidized health insurance decrease poverty?

Brendan Saloner has published an interesting blog about this topic on the RWJF website that you can find here or read below.

Subsidized Health Insurance May Lower Poverty, But We Don’t Measure It…


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JAMA Forum on Community Health Trusts

JAMA Forum: Using Community Health Trusts to Address Social Determinants of Health

"....But although health care systems deliver care for patients with chronic diseases, most medical centers are ill-equipped to tackle the social determinants of health themselves. This is a significant blind spot for the vision of a patient-centered, population health–driven system, and one that community health trusts could help address...."



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“Until this country deals with poverty, that is going to continue to be a huge driver ... ”


Published on Medical Economics (http://medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com)

ACP keynote: Physicians must engage on healthcare costs to strengthen relationships with patients…


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9 Strategies to Reduce Gun-Related Violence and Death

The new report from the ACP "Reducing Firearm-Related Injuries and Deaths in the United States: Executive Summary of a Policy Position Paper from the American College of Physicians" offers 9 strategies to address the societal, health care and policy-related factors that lead to gun violence, injuries and deaths in the United States. 

From the position paper (see link for comprehensive report):…


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Welcome to our newest members!  HealthBegins is a growing community of health providers and other health experts interested in understanding…


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Health Begins Social Media Round-up

Here are some recent stories we posted on social media.  To find more stories like these, visit HealthBegins on Facebook and Twitter. …


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Some Kids Are Doing Better Than Others

Some kids are doing better than others.

"In almost every region of the United States, African-American, Latino and Native American children face far greater barriers to their future success than their white and Asian counterparts, according to the study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which aims to improve the life of all children."

While the findings are important, I feel that the challenges faced by the Asian Pacific Islander American communities are being overlooked because…


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Vanderbilt University study looks at social factors post-hospitalization

In an ongoing study, health researchers at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee are trying to understand how social factors impact patient health after hospital discharge.  The study is a comprehensive look at patients discharged after a heart failure exacerbation or acute coronary event, and uses a variety of social assessment tools to assess demographic, cognitive, psychological, social, behavioral, and functional measures of health.  The study aims to shed light on hypothesized…


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