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The Ranking Dilemma

This time of year is fraught for thousands of fourth year medical students (myself included). We are collectively faced with an enormous decision: where do we go to residency? For better or for worse, the decision is not entirely ours; how to weigh our rank list provides us a bit of say in the matter.

 I’ve wondered how my interest in health care barriers will factor into the ranking. How can a program prepare me to be – beyond a proficient gynecologist – a doctor who transcends…


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Happy Wednesday from HealthBegins! 

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Do you use social screening tools in your clinic? Dr. Jeffrey Colvin shares his experience teaching residents how to screen for social issues that impact health;…


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Teaching MD Trainees How to Screen for SDH

How do we train physicians to recognize the importance of the social determinants of health (SDH) and to detect them in patients?  In Kansas City, we are teaching pediatric interns to change their usual social histories to include questions about unmet social needs.  The social history model we are teaching is called IHELP and has been adapted from the paper written by Chen Kenyon (Pediatrics 2007).  Our modified model…


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In honor of MLK- a little history on health workers and the civil rights movement

For anyone out there who wants a fascinating read about health workers and their role in the civil rights movement, I highly recommend The Good Doctors:  The Medical Committee for Human Rights and the Struggle for Social Justice in Health Care.  In this…


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Happy New Year from all of us at HealthBegins!

Top Content this week:

Many of us are aware of the recent Institute of Medicine Report on the state of America’s health.  Sadly, the news that Americans on average live shorter lives in poorer health compared to people in other wealthy nations is not a new trend;…


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High school students and the power of popular education

“This can’t be, how can there be such inequality in the richest country in the world?”

            -UN Rapporteur on the Right to Health during a visit to South LA, 2010

South Los Angeles is suffering a health crisis.  The roots of this crisis go beyond the sorely inadequate health care services, stemming directly from persistent social, economic, and racial disparities.

As a primary care doctor working…


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Yesterday's Institute of Medicine report & what it means to frontline workers

The Institute of Medicine released a seminal report on US health indicators yesterday that will hopefully spur greater discussion and action, particularly among healthcare workers, to improve the social determinants of health and the health of all Americans.  

See below for questions about what this means to healthcare professionals.

Here's an excerpt from their press release: 

"Americans Have Worse Health Than People in Other High-Income Countries; Health…


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Questions about Community Benefit Activities?

The Hilltop Institute, a group promoting analysis to advance the health of vulnerable populations, published this issue brief in October 2012 on Hospital Community Benefits after the ACA. It's a terrific summary of changes in the IRS reportable community benefit/community-building activities.

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