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Healing Toxic Teams in Healthcare

There are so many great tools and practices to improve healthcare efficiency and performance. But, what if your team hates working together?  Then it doesn't…


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Social Medicine Course - Applications Due July 31st.

"I cannot recommend this course highly enough if you are passionate about making a change and learning about social justice and health care. If you already have plans - cancel them and do this instead."
Katie Martin, Resident Physician, University of Washington, USA
"One of the Courses that Changed my View about Health."

Irakoze Magnifique, Resident…

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Social Medicine Course in Northern Uganda

Course Announcement

On behalf of SocMed, we are pleased to invite health professional students to apply for the seventh annual course Beyond the Biologic Basis of Disease: The Social and Economic Causation of Illness, a social medicine immersion experience offered on-site at Lacor Hospital in Gulu, Uganda from January 3rd – 27th, 2017. Beyond the Biologic Basis of…


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Reimagining Social Medicine Conference - April 2016

We would like to invite you to participate in the highly-anticipated upcoming conference, “Reimagining Social Medicine: Transformative Education and Social Action for Health Equity,” that will take place April 30th, 2016 on the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota.  The conference will provide a forum for engaged, global conversation on understanding and responding to the social determinants of health, which heavily shape societal health outcomes throughout the world.  Social…


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Health Effects Of Air Pollution: What You Need To Know

Greetings! I wanted to share my blog entry for the TZOA environmental tracker, for which I am an ambassador. Full article here:

How many environmental hazards do we get exposed to on a day-to-day basis? Since air pollution is not always visible to the naked eye or sensed by the nose, we really don’t have a good sense of what our lungs’ immune cells have to combat every day.

In the indoor environment there are…


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RWJF Funding Opp'y: Leadership Programs to Build a Culture of Health

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has issued a Call for Proposals (CFP) for leadership centers to direct four new programs that will support and network together boundary-spanning leaders.  To address our nation’s health challenges, we need leaders who have skills to work effectively together across disciplines, professions, and sectors. This is more important than ever, as…


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Article about Dr. Gary Bloch

Great article about Dr. Gary Bloch circulating. Inspiring!

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HealthBegins is excited to be in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Beyond Flexner Conference April 13th-15th. 

  • For twitter users, the conference organizers are @BeyondFlexner and you can follow events at #BF2015 and #BeyondFlexner
  • HealthBegins will be tweeting live from the event!  Will you be there?  Send…

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Social-Health Information Exchange to improve care for patients with social needs

For anyone who may have missed this article in JGIM in January, its a great study that studies how health centers and community service providers can share information and improve care for patients with social needs.  See the abstract below and link to the article.  

Envisioning a Social-Health Information Exchange as a Platform to Support a Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhood: A…


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TEDMED Discussion 1/13 12pm EST on Social Determinants Vital Signs


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TEDMED Discussion 1/13 12pm EST on Social Determinants Vital Signs


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Beyond Flexner Conference 2015


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New Year's Commitment- Academic Medicine and the Social Determinants of Health

Happy New Year everyone! 

Although this is from 2012, I wanted to share and remind us that academic medicine is committed to addressing the social determinants of health. 

  • If you are a medical or health student, what is your school doing to address social…

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Public Housing and Child Health Care Utilization

Link to our recent Health Affairs article about how public housing redevelopment is related to child health care utilization. Hope it is helpful to our HealthBegins members--

Added by Laura Gottlieb on December 18, 2014 at 5:11pm — 1 Comment

Patients from disadvantaged neighborhoods at greater risk for rehospitalization

According to a new article from the Annals of Internal Medicine"Living in a severely disadvantaged neighborhood predicts rehospitalization as powerfully as the presence of illnesses, such as peripheral vascular disease or chronic pulmonary disease, and more powerfully than being on Medicaid or having diabetes".  

In the article…


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NPR Blog: Why The ER Doctor Asks Patients What's Happening At Home

Interesting blog post by Dr. Leana Wen.

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On Life Support: Public Health in the Age of Mass Incarceration

Check out the new report released by the Vera Institute of Justice on mass incarceration in its role in fueling health disparities. This report is the first in a series of reports that will examine the challenges posed to public health by mass incarceration and the opportunities for change offered by the ACA. It's a long read but there is some…


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IOM Report is out on Capturing Social and Behavioral Domains and Measures in EHRs

The IOM Report on Capturing Social and Behavioral Domains and Measures in Electronic Health Records is finally here! See IOM Report, or download specific sections of it at the National Academies…


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Paper on screening for social factors in clinical settings

HealthBegins members might be interested in our recent paper exploring methods of screening for social needs in clinical settings. 

A Randomized Trial on Screening for Social Determinants of Health: the iScreen Study.…


Added by Laura Gottlieb on November 11, 2014 at 1:58pm — 1 Comment

Autism and Pollution?

Identifying a cause for autism continues to be a challenge.  However a recent study seems to suggest that one other place to look is air pollution exposure in pregnant women and young childhood.

"Children who fell into higher exposure groups of styrene and chromium were at a 1.4- to two-fold greater risk of ASD, after accounting for the age of the mother, maternal cigarette smoking, race and education."…


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