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Four out of five clinicians feel under-equipped to address patients' social needs. Traditional healthcare simply hasn't equipped providers with the knowledge, system or support they need to care for patients with complex social and medical needs or to address social drivers of disease at their root. The human and financial costs of this gap are enormous.

We can and must do better. Founded by physicians, the HealthBegins beta platform helps you to help patients and communities with complex health and social needs by making knowledge and tools available at the point of care - anytime, anywhere. 

1. Get Answers

How do social factors influence health and what can healthcare do about them? Developed by experts and members, our peer-reviewed content provides answers and resources at the point of care - anytime, anywhere. We're always adding more and invite members to suggest or write articles.  

Look under "Learn" to"Ask a Question" about a social or environmental problem that impacts patients. We'll connect you to experts who can answer your question.

and feel free to check out our Topic Guides for Clinicians, including:   

2.  Share and Spark Innovation

To transform from a 'sick care' to a 'health care' system, we'll need to gather and apply the collective intelligence of frontline providers and health advocates. Share your expertiseideas, and stories about addressing health and social problems.

  • Become a member of HealthBegins beta!
  • Invite your friends! (membership required)
  • Read or write a blog post;
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  • Got a quick, useful tip? Our editorial team can help you write a "HealthBegins " to share specific tips to help healthcare providers address patients' social needs. Send Linda Sharp a message if you're interested!

3.  Earn Rewards

HealthBegins beta rewards healthcare providers for tackling the social determinants of health. The more you discover and share, the more the points you earn. Members can access more content, earn more points and redeem those points for special rewards, from gift cards to donations in their name to local nonprofits or schools. 

Start earning!  Share us (use the social media buttons on the top left of your screen) and click on the red Rewards flag on the top right of the website or click here to learn more.   

4.  Coming Soon! Tools to Transform Your Care

Successful clinics address the health and social needs of patients and communities. In coming weeks, we'll add more tools under the "Act" tab that you can use to address social factors and raise the standard of care in your clinical setting, including:

  • A Roadmap to Redesign Care and Address Social Determinants of Health
  • Social Needs Screening Tool

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