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Welcome to the social network where clinicians learn to transform health care and improve health where it begins. 

This site was created by HealthBegins, a startup that transforms the health of vulnerable communities through innovative education, technology, and consultancy services. We hope this site helps turn the vision of a smarter healthcare system into a reality by tapping into the collective intelligence of frontline workers and experts. 

You will be able to:

  • learn about social determinants of health and why they matter to healthcare professionals and their patients
  • take simple steps to transform health care to improve health where it begins
  • interact with the best and brightest innovators and experts in this field
  • earn rewards as you go 
  • help guide and teach others

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What We Do:

Founded by doctors and public health innovators, HealthBegins is a "think-and-do tank" that demonstrates how a smarter health care system improves health where it begins - where we live, work, eat, learn, and play. 

At HealthBegins, we develop and spread activities to help healthcare address social determinants of health through

  • innovative training and educational programs 
  • evidence-based processes and benchmarks to identify and address social acuity and offer higher quality healthcare 
  • simple tools that providers can actually use
  • data-driven mobile and online technologies, including incentives and crowdsourcing solutions
  • stories and ideas of innovators


Many clinicians and health professionals in the US and abroad are not content with a system that simply sends patients back to the same conditions that make them sick. Legends and pioneers - like Dr. Jack Geiger, a founder of the US community health center movement, and Dr. Preston Maring, who started Kaiser Permanente's Farmers' Markets in 2003 - teach us that it is possible to re-imagine health care as a vehicle to address and prevent the unhealthy social conditions that cause disease. In an era of runaway health care costs and increasing health disparities, we must urgently turn that lesson into reality.  

But why hasn't the traditional model of healthcare heeded that lesson? Why do the vast majority of clinicians still get paid to only treat people when they get sick rather than get rewarded for keeping them healthy?

For starters, the stories of innovators and pioneering health systems are not well-known, making it difficult to scale, test, or invest in potentially transformative innovation. Clinicians also lack the incentives, training or tools to practice health care differently - in a way that prevents disease and improves both individual and population health. This problem affects everyone, especially patients and populations with complex, costly, and often chronic health and social problems.    

What does the HealthBegins online platform offer? 

We aim to streamline engagement among health care professionals, experts, and community leaders to create a smarter health care system and improve health where it begins.

Conferences and Continuing Medical Education courses (CMEs) are important. But we also need new tools that can bring providers together to learn and innovate.  

The HealthBegins online platform accelerates progress and helps scale innovation by bringing clinicians, communities, and experts together to improve health where it begins. We give rewards and incentives to make the right thing to do, the thing to do.

We completed a phase of development with alpha users in the summer of 2012 and are now testing our beta site with a select group of clinicians and health advocates.  Please sign up today to join to see all the beta site has to offer!


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